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La Aurora Preferidos Corona Especiale 6 Pack Sampler
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Warped CIgars Warped Cigars is a brand new small batch boutique that is absolutely killing it with thier smooth, extremely well blended, balanced smokes. With two excellent blends created at El Titan De Bronze in Miami, the La Colmena and the El Oso. Rounding out thier current offerings is a stronger smoke made at Casa Fernandez, the Flor Del Valle. All three great cigars, keep your eyes on this brand!

Caldwell Collection
Caldwell is producing a catalog of unique brands on a micro scale, enabling them to use the finest and rare tobaccos. Meticulously crafted by Henderson and William Ventura. We currently carry the Eastern Standard, a creamy Conn. wrapped cigar. There's also The King Is Dead, which is medium and uses a toothy Negrito wrapper. Lastly is Long Live the King, the fullest bodied Caldwell in an aged Corojo wrap.
Crowned Heads Cigar Co.
"Crowned Heads is influenced by a time when quality, pride, and integrity mattered". Focusing on LE projects with the hottest cigar makers, Crowned Heads has already produced some absolute jewels. Currently in stock is the latest Mason-Dixon, Jericho Hill, JD Howard Reserve, Headley Grange, & Four Kicks. Using expert blending and tobaccos from EPC Cigar Co. and My Father, how can you go wrong?

Paul Stulac Cigars
Paul Stulac Cigars are hand rolled in Esteli Nicaragua and the Red, Black and White Series is hand rolled in Miami, Florida. Using the best long filler Nicaraguan tobacco and an Ecuadorian or Brazilian Maduro wrapper. The cigars have a unique, complex flavor that will appeal to the most discerning cigar smoker. We carry eight different brands: Classic, Classic Maduro, Red Screaming Sun, Black Midnight Fire, White Blinding Light, & Ltd No Dress Code

*NEW* Vivalo Cigars
Vivalo Cigars launched their boutique brand with the Serie Exclusivo. A Nicaraguan puro with the highest quality tobaccos from Nestor Plasencia's farm. Each size is specially blended for the length and ring gauge giving each size its own unique flavor. Core flavors of sweet spice, dark chocolate and espresso beans are prominent throughout while gradually building in flavor and strength giving the cigar a long rich finish.
Curivari Cigars
Curivari Cigars has been producing small batch, well blended brands with a distinct similarity to Cuban cigars, blended for the European palate. We currently stock the Achilles, Buena Ventura, El Gran Rey, Gloria Leon, 1000 Series, Reserva Limitada Cafe, Reserva Limitada Cafe Noir, Reserva Limitada Classica, Seleccion Privada, Seleccion Privada Maduro
Bodega Reunion
Bodega Premium Blends is a relatively new offering from some great guys from up north in Canada. True passion and great blending has led to an excellent first offering, the Bodega Reunion. The cigars are manufactured in Nicaragua, available in a Apertivo (Habano Claro) from Jalapa, and Digestivo (San Andres Maduro). These guys have taken the time to blend a small batch cigar that's absolutely worth trying!