Welcome to the New AtlanticCigar.com!

Welcome to our new website. We've worked long and hard to deliver a state of the art, industry leading site for you to shop for and find information on cigars and cigar accessories. We bring 15 years experience to the table serving our customers as best as we can. In the past we took care of most of our customer's special needs such as recommendations, great pricing, quick and fast ordering, over the phone. We are proud to say that we are able to finally deliver the level of service on our new website that you are accustomed to speaking to one of us on the phone.

Some new highlights to the site are:

- Staff Picks: This section highlights all the cigars that our staff choose to smoke on a daily basis and want to recommend for you. Unlike some sites who recommend thier house brands, and products that they tend to make more money on. We recommend cigars and accessories that we use and smoke, and find through excellent quality and value to be a great buy.

- Review System: Let your voice be heard! We have put in place an unbiased review system. Whether good or bad, we'll publish it. We want you to know how our other customer's felt about this brand. Our customer especially have no problem telling us how they feel about a certain cigar, whether they liked it or not, whether they'll buy it again, etc.. Hopefully you can use this information to make an educated purchase instead of pulling the trigger on something you've never tried before.

- Ratings and Best Sellers: Just like the review system, we allow our customers to rate the product they have had experiences with to help you make a decision on what to buy. We also list our best sellers to show you what's selling well; there's usually a reason for those products being at the top. These are the cream of the crop, the products that have a great following; maybe products that Atlantic has a great price on!

- Beat the Clock: Keep your eye on our new Beat the Clock section. We will place products in the Beat the Clock area for a day or two, on a very special price. Forget about auctions, you won't have to beat anyone for the price we are offering these items at. Everyone will have a shot at buying these products at a great price. At the top of each page, there will be a count-down letting you know when this item will go off special and back into our system at regular price.. We will be changing the Beat the Clock section daily, so keep checking back, maybe some of your favorites will be next on the block.

- Real Time Inventory: No more guessing if products are in stock.. We have moved to a Real Time Inventory system, which means if it's on the site and available for purchase, it's in our warehouse. Some items are available for Backorder, but Real Time Inventory means first come, first serve. If your used to the Atlantic price, you may want to scoop up that item your looking at, because it may not last long. If a product is out of stock you can also be Nofied by Email when it arrives back in our warehouse.

These are just a few of the many new features that we've added to make your shopping experience on our site the best it can be. If you have any questions, or you are having difficulty with any of the new features of the website, please give the Atlantic team a call at (800) 877-7877.

Please Take the Time to Register!

While we do offer the ability to checkout without registering with the site, we suggest that you take a few minutes to register, the benifits to being a registered Atlantic Cigar customer far outweigh a quick anonymous checkout.

It's painless, we swear.. You can click the "Register" link in the header above the search bar, or click here.