Previous Customers - Help With Registration

Step 1. Get to the Login Screen to Start the Process to Reset Your Password.
All Existing Customers that were users of the old site need to RESET their Password.

We have transferred all of your E-mail, Shipping, and Billing Address Information. Due to legal reasons, we did not transfer any Credit Card Information. If you had a card on file with us, you will have to give it to use one more time. You will only have to do this once.

Click the "LOGIN" link in the Site's Header in the Top Right, to the left of Register, below "View Cart"


Step 2. Enter your Email Address, You will get a link from us in your email inbox that you can click on to reset your password.
This will bring you our login page. Because you need to reset your password before you can login, please click "I forgot my Password".
A pop-up will appear asking you for your e-mail address. Please enter the e-mail you had registered with us on the old site.

You will recieve an e-mail from us immediately at the e-mail address you entered. If you don't recieve an e-mail please call us. 1 800 887-7877.

Step 3. Reset your password and you are all set to start shopping.

Click the link in the e-mail you recieve from us and it will bring you back to our website.

Enter a new password and click submit.

Your new password must be at least 5 characters. It can be letters, numbers, etc.

Once you reset your password, you will see the screen to the right, it will say your password has been successfully changed. Use the "Click Here" link to get back to the login page.

From here, use the email and password you just set up to login. This will bring you to the members area. From here, you are all set to go shopping. We do recommend you follow one more step to make sure your address information is correct.
Step 4. Confirming your Billing and Shipping Address Information
When you first login, you will be sent by default to your Member's Area Page.

Look for the "Address Book" Section and click to manage your addresses.
This page will have both your shipping and billing default addresses.

Correcting these addresses before you start to shop with the new site will make everything go much smoother.

To change either addresses click the Edit Address link and you may edit them from there.

If you are having any trouble with this process, give us a call at 1 (800) 887-7877.