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J. Fuego Origen Maduro Originals Review
8/8/2012 11:50:00 AM
J. Fuego Origen Maduro Originals Review

A wonderful looking dark maduro wrapper, smooth to the touch. Although hand rolled, the construction on these Fuego Originals is superb, very tightly rolled with great pre-light draw. The pre-light flavor is sweet tobacco with a hint of earthy maduro barnyard. Because of the size, I'll break this into two halves, instead of thirds.

First Half:
As I light this bad boy up, I'm greeted with an abundance of flavors. Rich maduro earthiness, some spice through the nose, and the unique blend of the Origen coming through and mingling well with the typical Maduro profile. This is the fourth version of the Original size by J. Fuego, and so far the most flavor-packed in my opinion. As the Original continues to burn very straight, the super white ash holds on and gives off a good amount of smoke. This little cigar continues to intrigue me with its multitude of different flavors, all very well balanced. There is a definite nuttiness, mixed coffee beans, and an underlying bitter-sweetness that has been present from the moment I lit up. The original white ash hung on for over an inch. To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn't a huge fan of the "Original" Original. I appreciated the innovation of a quick, premium smoke that you could grab and smoke on a lunch break or a short ride in the car without having to worry about a cutter, etc.. very convenient. However the flavor of the first run, while I though better than the Gran Reserva Corojo Original, just didn't fit my personal profile. I'm a full body cigar smoker through and through, and although the Origen Original had some nice medium body flavors, if I'm going to have a stick to grab at any time of the day, it has to be able to deliver some strength at all times. When I saw the Maduro's come in I was truly hoping that this was going to add the "oomph" the cigar needed to be a utility cigar all day for the full body smoker. So far with the cigars I've smoked for the review, J. Fuego did exactly that. The Maduro flavor enhances the blend by adding another dimension of flavor that integrates very well with the unique Origen blend. At this point I'm almost halfway through the first half and this little guy is giving off a wonderful, complex blend of notes, mostly mentioned earlier.

Second Half:
As the second half begins the profile has introduced some cinnamon notes mixed with a balanced Maduro earthiness and a leathery dry finish. It's very enjoyable. At this rate the Origen Original Maduro will last me about 45 minutes, and I've been smoking at a pretty average rate. There's no way this cigar is going to bore any aficionado. Because I just wasn't able wait, I smoked these after about 3 days in our warehouse, so they're kind of still technically "off the truck". I can tell by smoking them early that aging will do good things for this blend. If all these flavors end up marrying together well, which I think they will, you'll have a really great pack of smokes on your hands in a few weeks to a month. The ash, burn and draw continues to be really great, I've had to touch up the cigar exactly twice, and it wasn't even necessary, it was more for ascthetics. Although full in flavor, the Origen Maduro seems to be remaining somewhere around medium plus in body.. not overly obnoxious in the nicotine department.. Instead of the cigar ending hot and bitter, it was actually quite the opposite. Most flavors, save the core that has been present throughout the cigar, have slowly dissipated leaving the Origen Maduro in its most basic form. I smoked it down to the nub and although I was smoking very slowly toward the end, it did not become negative at all.

Overall, this cigar very much impressed me. As I said above, I appreciated the Original size and convenience, but never found any of the blends to be a knockout for me personally. This one is much different. For a quick smoke, this may be the most complex and nuanced cigar I've smoked in a long while. If you were a fan of the Originals, any of the blends, I would definitely recommend this one, it produces a perfect burn and draw, and will truly keep you entertained the entire short but satisfying time that you're smoking it. These are in stock now, you can click here to shop our J. Fuego Origen Maduro Cigars.

Thanks for reading..
Keep on smokin~


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