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Curivari Seleccion Privada Royales Review
9/8/2011 10:21:00 AM

I have to admit right off the bat that the ultra boutique Curivari line as a whole has really blown me away. It's the one of the first recommendations that I give to people lately who are generally looking for something new. Although I haven't smoked every vitola in every line, I've enjoyed most every Curivari I've smoked and here's why. Although they are Nicaraguan.. they are very much a change of pace for Nicaraguan cigars. You can tell they are short run creations, blended with quality tobaccos, and by someone who has quite a unique talent. It's almost as if they've blended a cigar for a Cuban or "European" palate, but with Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Cuban influence is everywhere, from the simple yet effective and elegant bands, to the small 10-count cabinet boxes. From a distance, they look Cuban, and at times to me, they share some very common flavors. The Selección Privada is probably one of the mildest of the entire Curivari range somewhere in the medium body range, a great morning cigar, with tons of flavor and a uniqueness all its own.

Appearance / Construction / Pre-light:

The Selección Privada Royales is a larger Robusto at 5 x 54, with a lighter Colorado shade Nicaraguan Habano wrapper. If you run your finger against it, the Habano leaf has a soft feel, upon further inspection if you look very close you can see small "hairs" covering the wrapper almost like peach fuzz. Like I stated above the band is very traditional red and gold, could easily be Cuban, very close to a Romeo Y Julieta band from the Island. The cigar is well packed with no soft spots. I'm not sure if it's attention to detail or just the fact that the batches are so small but, they are all very well constructed, and I've yet to have a draw problem. ( Very much unlike Cuba Laughing  ) The pre-light draw does not give off too much, mostly a hay-like taste with some tobacco flavor.

First Third:

The Selección Privada fires up very easily, and has a nice draw, maybe a tad on the loose side. The initial flavor blast is very medium bodied sweet and creamy smoke. Although the smoke itself is thick and chewy, the finish is short to start but very clean, it leaves your mouth without any residue. The aroma is a very appealing sweet smoke. The flavor that takes center stage besides a light leathery, tobacco flavor is the sweetness. It's a really unique flavor, almost maybe a coconut or vanilla extract flavor. It makes the cigar really so enjoyable. One thing to note with the Curivari is the more advanced your palate may be, the more you will be rewarded. Most of the cigars I've smoke from this brand have been very well balanced and very complex flavor-wise. So while enjoyable for a beginner, the Curivari line is a treat for the true aficionado who is capable of identifying all the different nuances and flavors.

Second Third:

As the cigar moves into the second third, the body ramps up to a true medium body cigar with full flavor. The sweetness has taken on almost a maple syrup flavor. The finish is still a bit dry but clean, which I personally enjoy especially with a sweeter cigar. Sometimes cigars with a sweetness such as a cocoa maduro can leave a thick coating on your mouth which is heavy and unpleasant. The cigar continues to make subtle flavor changes, remaining light and earthy with a wonderful aftertaste of sweet leather. I start to wonder to myself while smoking this cigar, why don't all cigars who claim to be "sweet, smooth and creamy" taste like this? I touch up the burnline a bit as I've confessed in the past, I smoke a little bit too fast which has caused this stick to start a wide canoe up the side. A quick touchup, and we're back to a perfect burn. The ash on the cigar is very flaky. The first third held for about an inch, but it seems to want to fall off at half inch or so increments. So instead of wearing it, i've been letting it do it's thing.

Last Third:

In the last third or even a little bit before that point, the sweetness that was in the forefront of the cigar has fallen into the background. The earthy leather tobacco flavors that were in the background of the cigar up until now take center stage, and the sweetness falls to the back, almost non existent. It's actually pretty interesting to taste the core tobacco flavors that were the backbone of the cigar upfront. The cigar basically ends like this, burns a little hot at the nub.

Overall, if you can't already tell, I'm a huge fan of this cigar and this Brand. This is just about as mild as I go being a fuller bodied cigar smoker. I would absolutely look for this in the morning to start off my day, or if I was looking to change things up a bit to keep my palate fresh. If you like medium body cigars with smooth, creamy flavors you should absolutely try the Curivari Seleccion Privada. It will probably be one of the most full flavored, medium bodied cigar you'll ever smoke. My only complaint for this sample I smoked is that the draw was a little loose, but it never got bitter, so it really didn't present any problems. If your looking for a change of pace, some new flavors, something unlike anything on the market, try Curivari. The entire lines range from mild/medium to full strength, come in a variety of sizes and are packaged in boxes of 10.

Click to check out the Curivari Seleccion Privada Line.

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