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Carlos Torano Vault Toro Review
11/4/2011 11:25:00 AM

The Carlos Torano Family Cigar Company released the new Torano Vault Cigar at the 2011 IPCPR Tradeshow in Las Vegas. The story behind this new blend is that it is actually an old concept, recorded in by Carlos Torano Sr. in the family's special "blend book," which captured every blend that the family has created. Making this book priceless for the Torano’s which they store under lock and key. The book outlines blends that are current as well as a whole list of yet to be produced blends, hence the name “Vault.” To produce the Vault, Charlie Torano scoured this same book and found a blend they developed in 2000; blend A-008. This particular blend impressed Charlie as it had great potential but was missing an important ingredient and was never released. After revisiting this blend, Charlie Torano realized the missing ingredient was Ometepe tobacco, which is grown on the rich fertile soil of the volcanic island of Ometepe, in Lake Nicaragua. Using complex Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos in conjunction with this Ometepe leaf as a ligero binder the blend produced a spicy full bodied aromatic cigar with solid rich earthy flavors. The cigar is finished with a Colorado Shade-grown Habano wrapper.

Construction / Appearance:

The Torano Vault Toro sports a very attractive colorado reddish brown colored wrapper that's smooth to the touch with a nice oily finish. The packaging and cigar ring is very nicely done, black and silver without too much flash. The Vault also has a foot band identifying the long lost blend as A-008. The cigar is well packed, with no soft spots I can identify. The aroma coming off the cigar itself and through the cold draw is very barnyard, with a promise of some spicy, sweet tobacco flavors.

First Third:

The Vault took to flame like a champ and lit right up. Despite the heavy packing of tobacco, the draw is a tiny bit on the loose side, which I don't mind considering the blast of flavors coming from the initial few pulls. The cigar is putting out lots of chewy smoke. The profile is solid medium right off the bat, the flavor is very rich, complex and balanced with an earthy base, some sweetness and a bit of spice through the nose. This is not a hard cigar to like, I'm thoroughly enjoying the mix of earth leathery notes with an underlying spice and a long creamy finish. The burn line is almost perfect, the ash is a bright white falling off at half inch to inch intervals.

Second Third:

The second third has the body ramping up to medium-full, I have a feeling this one is on it's way to full body by the time I snuff it. The nutty creamy finish has some spice in the mouthfeel that blends excellently with everything else going on here. This is definitely one of the best Torano cigars I've smoked in a long time. The Torano Vault absolutely satisfies a wide range of the palate, but it doesn't over do it in any one area.. As the second third winds down the cigar has hit a very comfortable stretch… relaxing, smooth and absolutely full of dynamic flavor.

Last Third:

The last third is proving to be definitely fuller bodied, with a salty meat character. The sweetness has left for the most part, leaving a rich earthy smoke. The draw is a bit loose, which is causing the cigar to burn a little hot, but the flavor keeps me coming back. The nuttiness that was a major component of the cigar throughout has also come to the forefront.. reminds me of those roasted nut vendors you see (and smell) on the sidewalks of city streets. I decided to put the Vault down when it started to burn my fingers a bit. The cigars burn stayed razor right till the end.


I think many cigar smokers are going to be very happy that the Torano family opened up the Vault book to create this blend and put it out on the market. An absolute exercise in balance and complexity, again I think this is one of the best efforts out of the Torano camp in a long time. They hit this one out of the park. Whether you get into the back story or not, bar none, this is a phenomenal cigar. For medium to medium-full bodied smokers who are looking for a great complex cigar that hits all areas of the palate , this is absolutely worth a try. Check out what's in stock on our Carlos Torano Vault Brand Page.

Thanks for reading..

Keep on Smokin-


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