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601 Natural White Label Toro Review
By gc
8/31/2011 10:36:00 AM

EO 601 Natural White Label Toro Review

Originally the mildest of the 601 Family by E.O. Brands was the Black Label Connecticut Blend. While being the mildest, I would not necessarily call it mild. More like a medium strength cigar wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper to tone it down a bit. The 601 Black was discontinued in 2010 and replaced by this new 601 "Natural", which happens to have a white band, so I'm sure calling it the 601 White Label is going to be pretty common as well. I love, love the fact that Eddie Ortega and Erik Espinosa decided to redesign the original departure from the 601 branding and go back to something very similar to the original, but with a modern twist. The last packaging attempt made the 601 Brands look cheap, which is definitely not the case. While the cigars themselves are not mega bucks by any means, they have a certain level of quality and flavor that people who smoke the brand know very well.. Still to this day, although blended by Don Pepin Garcia, I don't feel like 601 gets the accolades it deserves. Out of all the blends, Blue, Green, Red, and Now White, there is not one cigar that holds the pack back, they are all in great in their own ways. But I digress. Lets jump into the new 601 White label "Natural".  The cigar uses Nicaraguan / Ecuadorian filler and binder with a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The Flavor Profile on the inside of the box is stated as "Mild Bodied. Smooth rich and creamy." Being a 601 / DPG Cigar I truly have a hard time believing this is a true mild cigar, but what the heck lets give it a try and see what happens.

Appearance / Construction / Pre-light:

As stated above, I love the new band, so much better than the in between phase, and the white really goes well with the golden brown light color of the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. The cigar is very well rolled with a standard DPG triple cap, and a consistent firmness throughout. No soft spots. The cigar gives off a sweet hay aroma especially at the foot. The pre-light cold draw gives off a ton of flavors of sweet tobacco flavors, some earthiness, and a bit of grassiness.

First Third:

Once clipped and torched the 601 Natural greets me with a bouquet of nice flavor. When I think of Mild cigars, I generally think of a cigar with much less flavor than this. The cigar is reminding me of the original 601 Black Label Connecticut, but scaled back a bit, with a creamier flavor. The retrohale through the nasal passage brings some spice into the picture, but nothing overwhelming. So far the cigar is very smooth and creamy, maybe a bit more flavor and a little bit more body than a Mild body cigar smoker is used to. While the ash is a bit frail, dropping off at 1/2 inch increments, the draw is just about perfect. As the first third comes to an end the vanilla creaminess of the cigar is really coming to the forefront. The 601 Natural is starting to show some real character in the flavor department.

Second Third:

I chose the Toro Size of this 601 so I could accurately determine each third's flavor characteristics. Sometimes a Robusto size just isn't enough. Buy the time you get to the last third of a Robusto, your really dealing with the very end of the cigar.. Which if the cigar is very good, is still ramping up flavor without getting bitter. Too often though, the last third is a only good for a handful of puffs before it becomes bitter and a bit to hot to smoke. The second third of this cigar is progressing very nicely. As a full body cigar smoker, I would enjoy this as a first cigar of the day, or if I was looking for something milder to switch it up. For smokers that want to try a milder Nicaraguan cigar, which equates to something really closer to medium body comparitively.. This is a great smoke.

Last Third:

The last third of the 601 Natural was very good, continued on very smooth. So smooth in fact that I forgot to take pictures of it! I went about my business, working, talking on the phone and generally enjoying the sweet, creamy flavors that this 601 was outputting. I did not notice any huge flavor changes in the the last third of the cigar, it remained very good throughout. The very end became kind of bitter, but that's to be expected for a Connecticut wrapper, especially at the speed I smoke (Too Fast!) For those of you who smoked the original 601 Black Connecticut and found it to be a bit too strong, I suggest you revisit the lighter 601's by trying the new White Connecticut. I found it to be a bit more refined, with absolutely less strength. The original was more of a spicy Nicaraguan Cigar with a lighter wrapper that functioned to calm it down. The new 601 Natural has more balance and smoother, creamier flavors, with the wrapper contributing more to the overall flavor of the cigar. While this is a morning cigar for myself, this may be a perfect cigar for someone who smokes milder stuff who wants to up the ante just a bit.

Enjoy and Keep on Smokin!


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