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Cojimar Earth Supernatural Wonton 4x60 Cojimar Earth Supernatural Wonton 4x60 | Atlantic Cigar Company Cojimar Earth Supernatural Wonton 4x60

Overall Product Rating: Fair
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Fair Interesting smoke....
Reviewed by: Monica Friday, November 09, 2012
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Pros: Nice aroma, sweet smell
Cons: Poorly constructed
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Review: I'm somewhat new to smoking cigars, and this is the first cigar I have smoked that's been larger than a corona. My boyfriend smokes the larger cigars all the time, and we hit up the back porch swing a few times a week.

First off, this baby was hard to light. At first I thought it was just me (being rather inexperienced and all), but even the boyfriend had trouble getting it to light. When he did, the flavor was too much for him - for comparison, he normally smokes Acids and Five Vegas, with the Kuba Kuba being a fav. I was rather surprised this infused cigar was too much for him. It was a bit on the strong side for me - I'll definitely have to be in a mood for this one to smoke it again.

We finally got it to stay lit, but the wrapper never burned off, so we constantly had to keep tending to the wrapper so the cigar got enough air. This is a very tightly rolled cigar, and smoking it was a bit of a chore - the exact opposite of what I like to do when smoking - enjoy the smoke.

Now that the negatives are out of the way, this is a rather nice cigar. Nice amount of smoke, and it has a nice aroma. The flavor was a bit overpowered, as mentioned - this one will leave your tongue tingling and lips burning. If you like strong flavor in your cigars, then this is definitely your smoke! Despite the abundance of spiciness, it has a nice creamy undercurrent, and is rather smooth, in all. Pairs well with a sweeter drink to help offset the spice, and creates a wonderful flavor combination.

Aside from the difficulties in lighting and the constant need to tend to the unraveling wrapper that didn't burn with the rest of the cigar, this was a nice smoke. Construction leaves a bit to be desired.
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